Sunday, January 02, 2000

Why Modern Religion Deserves Richard Dawkins

As you know, Richard Dawkins wrote a book called "The God Delusion," a fairly emphatic attack on organized religion and theism. I grew up in the Christian faith, so this kind of thing catches my attention. I read the book, thought about it a lot, and wrote a series of essays.

Now I'm just a guy, nobody special; there's no real reason you should listen to me, but maybe you'll read something you haven't thought of before. Here are some of my thoughts.

This is the table of contents for my series.

A prologue about Heaven and Hell (not part of the main series, but these thoughts also came out of reading Dawkins.)

Why Modern Religion Deserves Richard Dawkins
Part One: Parameters
Why I'm writing, and what I am and am not trying to do.

Part Two:
Creation/Evolution, Science and Anti-intellectualism
Background and The Essay

Part Three: The Straw Man We Gave Him
Background and The Essay

Part Four: The Crisis In Moral Authority
Background (Times Change, So Can We) and The Essay

Hope you enjoy them!

(btw: thanks to the Hominid for the kudos!)

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