Thursday, February 21, 2008

Posts might come a bit slowly. . .

I'm cleaning up the prose in the sections (the favourite posts) that I've linked on the side, to make them a little more fit for strangers to read. I've been handing out my URL more often lately, so I may as well tidy my room before inviting more guests to come over.

If you're new to the site, welcome! The four or five posts after this one give a better sample of what to expect from this blog.

Amuse yourselves with this Korean baby singing "Hey Jude"

In the meantime. . . by reader vote (vote on the comment board):

do you want my next post to be about. . .

1. why the internet as it is now will not reach its full potential as an agent for social change

2. the silliest thing about Korean culture I've encountered so far

3. the most entertaining internet phenomenon I've encountered in recent times

4. why reading Lord of the Rings comforts me

5. the top five list of "Things I'd Change About Korean Culture If I Had A Magic Wand (that worked)"

6. how the internet is changing the music industry for the better, and the limitations of that change

7. why modern religion deserves Richard Dawkins

8. Korean movies you should track down and see. . .

aren't I just FULL of opinions!

it is one of the mysteries of Korean culture that these things from the west are inordinately popular here:
Hey Jude (hit play)

Cinema Paradiso
Mariah Carey
My Way (Frank Sinatra)
Anne of Green Gables
The Little Prince
That damn Titanic song.


Seda said...

ummm, how about write something you like/think is fantastic about korea?

Dad said...

Try #s 1 and 6 about the internet. Or are they mutually exclusive?

Roboseyo said...

sarah: that's what I ALWAYS write about.

beastmonger said...

all right,

I'll place an order for numbers one, four, and seven.

tamie marie said...

#7 or #1. these are my vote.

Seda said...

sorry for thinking you were another one of THOSE people who gripe about korea/koreans, but topics #2 and #5 threw me off.
i've just read some of your other posts and i like them. peace.

Roboseyo said...

naw. most of those gripers bring me down -- especially when they can't back up their gripes, and if they looked a little closer, would notice that it's actually not a problem with Korea, but the simple fact they need to find a more positive way to deal with first year culture shock.

actually, putting in a couple of critical topics was my way of going for a change of pace (I think. . . it's hard sometimes to read whether I'm coming across the way I mean to).

anyway, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading a few more posts before you made your decision about my blog's tone: I appreciate the benefit of the doubt. I actually thought you were a friend from back home (also named Sarah) until I checked your profile.