Monday, October 08, 2007

A paragraph from Garrison Keillor

he just made his way into my good books, for 1. calling George W. Bush "the current occupant" and refusing him the respect of using his name (speaking of people who are never named, I've been thinking of starting to refer to George W. Bush as Voldemort).

2. Writing this.

"I gave up watching television 25 years ago because I liked it so much even though I couldn't remember what I had watched the day before and could see that if I went on as a viewer my life would become a blank. And now I refuse the iPod because it is an audio bubble that shuts you off from the world, which is where good ideas come from."

in revising a play I wrote, I came up with this line -- i don't know if it will fit into the script, but it made me happy when I turned this phrase in summarizing a scene to my (wonderful) girlfriend.

"If what you have isn't making you happy, having more of it probably won't, either."

If you're a youtube junkie like me, search "Flight of the Conchords" -- Tamie started me on these guys.

Sometimes, you round a corner in a market in Seoul, and stumble across something like this.

I love this city.

One more.

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