Monday, August 13, 2007

Some silliness and some juggling.

There's such a fine line between crazy and awesome.

The second one's even better than the first one. This is the kind of stuff you might see on a gameshow -- celebrities watch a video clip, or have to partake in some ridiculous game, and then their reactions are filmed and repeated, with much audience response.

This one gets funnier the more times you watch it.

There's nothing crazy about this one. Just a lot of awesome. Pay attention: he doesn't repeat a trick!

His name's tim kelly. He's the world champion three-ball juggler.

Look at how big his hands are.

This guy even more so: huge gorilla arms.

This clip becomes better when you know the backstory: there's this guy named Chris Bliss who goes around juggling three balls in cool patterns to this exact same music, so this guy basically is doing the juggling equivalent of a rapper's diss track -- trumps Bliss in every way, with five balls. His name is Jason Garfield, and I don't know if he's world champion in anything other than awesomeness. Hold on (yay internet) he IS the three-time world ball-juggling champion. He's also (if you watch some of his podcast videos) a bit of a jerk. . . but if you're the world champion at something, I guess you've kind of earned the right to be an arrogant jerk, so I won't criticize him, but I don't have to like him. If you could have found a guy who could beat him, Muhammed Ali would have stopped saying "I am the greatest," too.

I finished the first draft of a play this week. I'm sure happy.

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