Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm gonna post links and things like that on this blog, and just assume everyone has an internet connection fast enough for streaming video, large graphic files, etc.. If you don't, check out file sizes on pictures or whatever you want to download, to make sure you don't tie up your computer for long stretches of time, and just. . . kind of . . . be aware of that. You might miss out on some of the fun stuff. Sorry.


This one made me laugh out loud.

There's also a pretty good clip on the same website about Lord Of The Rings.


Anonymous said...

Great move making a blog. I have added it to my favorites in my "blogs" folder. Love the superman photo. one question: what does "oseyo" mean? Is it Korean? Or perhaps the name the space creatures gave you when they abducted you briefly and tickled you almost to death?


Roboseyo said...

Actually, they didn't try to tickle me to death. They tried to poison me, with maple syrup and pancakes (which are higly poisonous to their physiology). I think "Roboseyo" is the aliens' word for "why isn't this working?"

By a wild coincidence, it also resembles the phrase "yoboseyo", which is how Koreans answer the phones. Literally, it means "are you there?"

thanks for stopping by.