Wednesday, 27 July 2011

So... anybody in Korea anger Yahweh?


So did the president of Korea put shrines to Samsung products on the peaks of Korea's mountains or something? Because this latest rain smackdown looks like something straight out of the old testament. Dozens of people have died, and entire regions of Korea's richest area are literally flooded.

Fortunately, the place I've been teaching summer courses, and my home, are on high ground, and I can drive from one to the other without going through any of the floody low-ground.

Knock on wood.

More, including picture links, at the Marmot's Hole. ONE TWO

And Zenkimchi Joe's radio show was stopped midway when EBS got flooded and had to be evacuated. More here. Or here.

and youtube is FULL of these kinds of videos.


The guy who massacred so, so, so many people in Norway mentioned Korea and Japan as model countries that avoided multiculturalism.

Read more here.

This has spurred discussion of Xenophobic groups in Korea.

More at The Marmot's Hole here.

And The Artist Formerly Known as Korea Beat reports the difficulties foreign students have in Korean universities.

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