Friday, 25 March 2011

Old-timey Expats Old-timey complaining

In the midst of copious amounts of reading, I haven't updated the blog in about a week...

so to begin, I'd like to draw your attention to Matt from Popular Gusts, who, during his research, has discovered a fantastic dialogue that appeared in letters to the editor of The Korea Times, way back in 1975, which looks like an iteration of the discussion I had here on Roboseyo, of "Why do Expats Complain So Much" -- my most popular post, and one that still ranks in the top twenty most visited posts each month.  (Whatever that's worth: that and 2200 won will get you a crappy coffee at the chain coffeeshop nearest my Cultural History class.)

To save the time of reading the full, long-winded blogger version, I recommend checking out the economy with which Matt's four letters to the editor cover the topic.

(footnote: it's been great reading up on the topics in my class readings: I'm finding a lot of the ideas about cultural development and identity issues similar to what I've discussed, in my own fragmented diffuse way, on the blog.  And that and 900 won will buy you a tiny can of mountain dew.)

More Matt has posted more old letters to the editor, regarding the back-and-forth on the topic of expats criticizing Korea.  All the classic positions have been voiced at this point.  Very interesting to me.


Cari Nelson said...

WAIT... 900 Won is like... about $9 right?? Mt Dew is $9 a can?? My boyfriend and I have been thinking about moving over there... I guess i'll have to cut down on my Mt. Dew addiction :-/ Is there something similar to it???

Rob-o-SE-yo said...

no, no, Carl. 900 YEN is about $9. 900 WON is a bit less than one US dollar, give or take. Generally, knock off three zeroes to and add or subtract a little (as the exchange rate goes) to get a rough equivalent of won to the USD.

Cari Nelson said...

lol... ok... I was thinking that can't be right.... I feel silly now :p