Monday, 7 June 2010

Rain's Bum Joke Bombs... but Congrats Anyway

Former Kpop/current Hollywood star Rain, owner of the most preposterously self-congratulating album cover I've ever seen:

Was voted "biggest badass" for "Ninja Assassin" at the MTV movie awards... and his acceptance joke TOTALLY bombs.

"They told me I was nominated for the bad ass award, so I've been working out.... (crickets chirp, two fangirls scream) why so serious?"

But we shouldn't be too hard on the man.

It was a noble effort, but his delivery was off: he would have gotten a better laugh if he'd turned around and lifted up his jacket tails or something.  This IS an MTV crowd, after all.  Frankly, I sympathize: delivering a joke in one's second language, especially a verbal joke (bad ass award - our man is PUNNING on national television!) is hella hard.  Good attempt at a recovery, too, with the 'why so serious'?

Anyway, congratulations, Rain.  Sorry about that flubbed punchline, but I hope you have lots of success, and more opportunities to show off your sixpack in Hollywood movies.

And in case you think Rain don't do funny, I refer you to the Stephen Colbert/Rain dance-off, in my opinion, one of the high points of the show, and of Kpop relevance in America.


Foreigner Joy said...

I think his delivery was fine and a bit cute and funny.

Roboseyo said...

yeah, but he didn't get the laugh he wanted. I agree with you, for what it's worth.

Foreigner Joy said...

At the end he said something about everyone being so serious. I actually think everyone was probably bored...haha ..not because of Rain but probably the canned atmosphere of the award show

Nathan said...

I just thought, "Is Rain making a reference to Heath Ledger??"