Saturday, 5 June 2010

Quick, quick, what's that song?

I'm exactly in the middle ground with K-pop, where I like it enough that there'll be about five songs a year I really, REALLY like, but not enough to read every K-pop blog, watch ALL the videos (still too much chaff, sorry), learn the names of ALL the Wonder Girls (one or two is plenty), and know all the latest hit songs.

But then something like this comes along, which I like, and I NEED to know who sings it.

So, the first reader to tell me the name of the singer, and the song, wins a toaster.

My favorite Korean music remains the '80s folk song stuff, and this: 그대 그리고 나 is my latest Noraebang show-stopper.  Lovely lovely song.

Matt Strum is the winner of the "name that song" contest, identifying the catchy song as "Lupin" by Kara.  Here's a picture of Lupin:

And here's the video.  The song's durn catchy, isn't it?

(shekshi denseu [섹시 댄스] warning)


Matt Strum said...

First one is 'Kara - Lupin'

Roboseyo said...

Thanks, Matt! You're the winner. Go buy yourself a toaster!

Matt Strum said...

Toaster? Toaster? I don't need no stinkin' toaster!

Roboseyo said...

how 'bout a microbrew?

Matt Strum said...

Beer? Soju and makgeolli are sufficient for my sustenance.