Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pride Parade in Seoul

There's a Pride Parade in Seoul this weekend.

From 11am-6pm, around the Cheonggyecheon area, you can check it out.

Here's the Korea Queer Culture Festival website.

Here's the facebook page for the event.

Here's the facebook page for the group.

Here's a brief look at acceptance of Queer culture in Korea (diagnosis: still pretty weak), from Popular Gusts.

And an article from 2008's Pride Parade, on OhMyNews (English).

and Kiss My Kimchi's write-up of the 2008 Parade


Korean Rum Diary said...

I wish I could make it - it really does sound like an eye-opening experience. But I'll be busy watching the World Cup.

That Popular Gusts post was fascinating.

Selorm said...

the first picture and I are now desktop friends if you don't mind. Havent had a desktop is years cause meh but yeh, bring it on

Roboseyo said...

thanks for letting me know, Selorm. It makes me happy when people enjoy my photos.

everything on my blog is licensed under the Creative Commons copyright act, so feel free to use it, and even re-use it, as long as you give me attribution.