Friday, 18 December 2009

Thus Endeth An Era

First Tiger Woods, now this: my whole world is shaken.

The Marmot's Hole has closed its comment forums.
(interestingly, the URL is "on full moderation" though the title says "closed" -- looks like he just decided to stop dealing with it.

I knew it was coming when Dongchim once called Marmot's Hole "Dave's for Ajosshis" and I know that I, for one, first alerted Kblogland of my presence via comments at the marmot's hole, back in early 2008; I owe The Marmot's comment boards that, to be sure. I had a feeling this might happen way back in spring '08, when King Baeksu stopped commenting there because he got tired of comment wars with the same old people, baiting him the same old ways. Hell, I even got into it myself once or twice with the legendary Pawikirogi. His/Her retirement was the next sign, in my mind, that Marmot's comments were headed for a place from which it might not come back.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next: frankly, whether the commenters end up reconvening elsewhere... maybe at Brian's, or at Dave's, or elsewhere. My site ain't newsworthy enough to attract them... unless it turns out a handful of them are serious banana recipe/zombie movie fanatics...

anyway, it'll be interesting to see what happens next, and where the discourse begins to take place, if anywhere. Though I didn't comment there very often anymore, I guess I'll miss it... but then again, if I'm missing it the way a dude misses living in the apartment near an intersection, for the sake of seeing car wrecks out the window, what does that say about me?

Anyway, i couldn't let it pass without comment. (haw haw)

Keep on plugging, Robert K. As a namesake, I wish you all the best, and I hope your blog remains as successful as ever... though it might take a hit in traffic, now that all those folks aren't hitting "refresh...refresh...refresh" to see if anyone's responded to his/her (usually his) comment, the way I used to do.


Brian said...

Commenters play a big part in driving content, bringing in new ideas, debating the issues, fixing mistakes, and looking at things the blogger, well, overlooked.

It's always been his site to do as he wishes, and he doesn't need me or anybody else reminding him of that. I just never liked putting hours into a post, spending a lot of time throughout the week maintaining a blog, only to yield the floor to somebody with a keyboard, a few spare seconds, and a game to play. I hope the foulest of the trolls stay where they are, because they certainly won't get an audience on my site.

But, a lot of the commenters look like they've been around since before our younger blogs were born, and I'm sure it'll be hard to say goodbye. Most importantly---for some at least---some of his readers seem outside of the teaching world, which adds some credibility I guess. His blog is the most-visited current events K-blog, and I don't know how long it'll go without allowing comments.

Stafford said...

So we're all heading over to Kushibo's then?

Unknown said...

Frankly, I had tired of the comment section given the constant trolling and personality conflicts, and I support Robert's decision to move forward. It had gotten to the point that a rational discussion was greeted by flaming, and it was time to take action.

Unknown said...

By the way, I am Mizarv, and was the recipient of much of the flames, which is frankly why I had been gravitating away from the site.

However, it should do a lot better in my view without the silly comment section. I support the change.

Unknown said...

Well, maybe this is just temporary. Ban comments for 3-4 months and then let them back on unannounced. That might be enough time for the trolls and cyber bullies to move on.

Puffin Watch said...

(from comments in an email to joe)

What is it about Korea that attracts such a vocal minority of out 'n' out ranters? I don't notice this kind of ranting on my skeptics boards, my high tech boards, my anti penguin spectrum board, etc.

Is it the E2 system roughly means everyone is equal? Roughly the same pay, same working conditions, same apartment, etc. And some people don't like when others rise above?

I mean Joe is a great example... some people call him an uncle tom whenever he does something higher profile. ATEK -- despite and because of its warts -- was largely retarded by a full court ranter press. That guy that wrote that book and killed himself in China was the constant target of ranters. They then moved on to the guy who ran the bookstore in Itaewon...

The same ranters who decry the Korean "the head that pops up gets cut off by the king" themselves seem to want to tear down those who get 'er done and rise above.

I sometimes enjoy a good knife fight on a message board but sometimes there are people who will argue it's white if you say it's black.

@Stafford: bahahahah. Or when AK opens his own message board.