Friday, 30 January 2009

Every Expat Living in Korea Eventually Visits Japan

Some move on from Korea and live there; others just visit. Many blog about it, and The Joshing Gnome even spoofed that tendency.

But blog pals Schwim and Foreign/er Joy both went to Japan for Winter holidays recently, and Schwim took some really lovely pictures, while Joy kept a nice, detailed day-by-day account, and loaded it up with explanations, but also put up tons of pictures, for those of us with short attention spans. Go read them.

Update: OK Korea did one too.

Thanks you two. I'll start reporting on my China trip soon: I've finally finished sorting the photos.

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Foreigner Joy said...

And they should! It really gives you a good perspective on the two cultures, who have so much history together. But my heart still says Dokdo is Korea's...haha!