Thursday, 30 October 2008

These are Amazing. Especially Borat.

So, uh, now that the world has been flooded with US Election coverage, is the rest of the world allowed to vote, too?

Makes me wish I could.

The original is here.


Foreigner Joy said...

I Voted!

Anonymous said...

I wish that there were more Julies, from the original ad, than millionaire entertainment personalities with whom I know most of the target audience don't quite relate to, especially since they all seem to be favoring one party over the other here.

I also wonder just how many of them have actually served on jury duty without being able to get out of it like I've had to since I started voting all those years ago. Or, how many of them send their kids to public schools and deal with public transportation. These are some of the consequences of voting when you aren't rich and powerful. I would have loved getting some voucher money to get me out of one of the poorest school districts in Texas and into a better school, but thanks to voters like those in this ad that did not pass. I also like how when things are tight in a race in a state they don't live in, they show up with their Hollywood crews and tell us local yokels what's in "our," meaning "their," best interests.

However, the best difference in election nonsense between South Korea and the U.S is that I'm not constantly blasted with loud bullhorns blarring up and down my street all day long over here. I've actually been able to miss most of this campaign thanks to the fast forward button on my dvrs (I watch nothing live anymore--everything gets a fifteen minute delay to filter out the commercials) and just bypassing those sections of the newspapers I read daily.

Voting is a great right. It's just too bad that only the rich can be in the race. Joe the plumber won't be making the trip to Washington other than to work on some fat cats' pipes. Sadly, Palin is the closest that an average Joe (albeit from a beauty queen background) might get to the Oval Office.

John, no longer in Daejeon

Roboseyo said...

i John. Nice to hear from you again.

I'm also getting tired of Election coverage -- the words "OJ Simpson" have come to my lips a few times, except at least this buildup matters. . . if the media blitz leads to a record turnout, that'd be cool, because people SHOULD care, but for folks like me, who don't have the right to vote in this one anyway (though I'd sure love to), it hit the point of overkill not long after Hilary was out of the race.

I don't see the bias you mention, though: I thought both "Don't Vote" ads did a pretty good job of avoiding any kind of lean, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roboseyo,

No matter what, there will be a record turnout. It might not be in terms of percentage, but it will be in terms of votes cast as people are being born faster than ever and living longer than ever.

It's too bad you don't live here in Texas, it seems you needn't even be a citizen to vote after an expose ran in a few state papers exposing some major loopholes. When I voted, all I needed was a paper voter registration card with absolutely no identification on it. They didn't even verify who I was with a picture. Just sign and vote.

As for the bias, all of the people used in the ad vote one way. Conservative stars are mostly closeted as they fear being blackballed in Hollywood. Some are too big like Arnold, Kelsey Grammar, Chuck Norris, Kevin Costner, and Mel Gibson to worry much, but they weren't used. I doubt that they were even asked to participate. Also, the younger Hollywood generation are in hiding for the most part or use no comment quite a bit when talking about politics.


John, no longer in Daejeon