Sunday, 26 October 2008

Back from Damyang

It was beautiful there.

If the complaining expats thing is still interesting to you, go check out the conversation-starter/comment pertaining to that topic, which I posted at the Hub Of Sparkle. It takes a stance different than most of the others I've read, and might be worth discussion.

I'll put up more about Damyang once I get the pictures sorted, adjusted, and slideshowdafied. Until then, I want to tell you about David Smeaton, an amazing photographer I discovered through The Grand Narrative's James linking him. Scroll through his photos: they're amazing, and here's a picture he posted from another photographer that stopped me in my tracks.

More Tony Frissell pictures here.

David himself is the taker of possibly my favourite photo of Seoul: this one.
From here.

Go check him out!

1 comment:

david smeaton said...

hey rob,

thanks for the link.

i'm glad you like my photography.

i look forward to reading more of your blog.