Wednesday, 1 October 2008

In Seoul on Saturday?

On Saturday October 4th at 1PM, I'm gonna be in the Starbucks near Kyungbok Station (Subway line 3). I'm gonna climb Inwang Mountain, a great little mountain right next to downtown Seoul, with important history in Korea's Shamanistic past. On the way down, we're gonna walk through a cool little preserved mountainside village, and end of in one of the nicest, tastiest coffee shops I've ever been to.

The climb's not too long, and not too difficult, so you shouldn't have much trouble. . . don't wear high heels or flip-flops, of course, and maybe bring an extra T-shirt to change into if it's hot, and a water bottle. I'd like to head out at about 1:30.

If you want to join me, come on! The best way to enjoy Korea is to get out and do stuff like this. Come to the Starbucks instructions, with pictures, in this video clip.

It helps if you send me an e-mail at roboseyo (at) gmail (dot) com, or send me a note on facebook (search for Roboseyo) so that I can expect you, and we don't leave anyone behind who wanted to come. Come and enjoy one of my favourite parts of Seoul with me.



Gomushin Girl said...

forget this saturday - tell the people what you did last saturday ^_______^

lunalil said...

That sounds like fun. I'd like to go but my birthday is Saturday and I'm hoping to get together with some friends. If everything comes together that is. =D

lunalil said...

actually my birthday is sunday. but i'm celebrating saturday.

db said...

might just have to take you up on this offer and meet the illustrious Roboseyo in person. Plus, the boyfriend and I try to hike every Saturday to get ready for our honeymoon trek in Nepal. Socializing would be fabulous. I'll bring cookies! It's kind of like my reward for climbing mountains- or scaling large hills. I'll totally share.