Sunday, 20 April 2008

Family News, the Side-bar poll, and Youngme Nowme

Soundtrack time:
"One More Time" by a band called Jewelry, a kind of K-pop hottie supergroup. Kind of like Eric Clapton's old band Cream, or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, except with less rock legend and more sexydance.

Observe here some traditional Korean dancing styles (I don't, unfortunately, know the Korean names for old dancing moves like the classic butt-jiggle or the shoulder-wiggle torso-twist). Also note the traditional fashions they use to present the best of Korea to the world.

Also, you can play a game of "who's using pitch correction," if you listen to their singing.

This song has been emanating from every cosmetics shop in the downtown for three weeks straight, now, and that accordian/guitar chords riff has been bouncing through my head like a pinball all that time. And now it can be stuck in your head, too. Catchy, that's for sure.

Family news:

As some of you know, my sister, and my brother's wife both got pregnant last summer. Well, on March 25th, my brother's wife had a little boy named Silas David Oprivacyhand, and a week later, on April 1st, my sister made me an uncle twice in a week, with her little one, Aria April Jarvis. If you want to read the detailed stories, you can read them on their sites, but let's leave it at both babies are now home and healthy and doing baby things like crying, sleeping, eating, and pooping. But unlike other crying, sleeping, eating, pooping babies, I'm related to these ones! So I'm giggly and glad, and moreover thrilled for my brother, sister, and their spouses, who get to head out on the parenthood adventure. I'm limiting myself to two, small-sized pictures per niecephew, to protect myself from accusations of being a sappy, unclish goober.

My sister Deb was a really beautiful pregnant woman -- you can see the picture on her blog -- and I think she's a beautiful mom, too. You can see the feeding tube on Aria's face, because she was born a bit early, but she's doing just fine now, thanks. There are a few important reasons why this is a very, very special niece, and I can't wait to meet her.

Here's Silas David Oprivacyhand. My little brother announced they were having a baby during the last week I was in Canada before returning to Korea for this most recent stretch. I miss'em. Dan's a special friend to me, so I'm thrilled he has a kid now. I love the change that parenting brings to a person -- every friend of mine who's had a kid has turned softer and gentler in a really touching way -- it's just dead obvious that there's a new Most Important Thing in their life. I'm thrilled to have these lill'uns in the family, and they're sure lucky to have a cousin so close to their age -- that's how it was on my mom's side, with six or so cousins within five years of age, and the way we got along and connected together was really fantastic.

Now there's only one more of my nearest, dearest expecting, and she's also a beautiful pregnant woman, with two amazing little boys already. You can read more about how great she is here.

So then, two more links:

1. Thanks Mongdori for the sidebar love.

2. Found this really funny site: Youngme Nowme. You take a baby picture of yourself, and then a picture of yourself now doing the same thing, and the gallery is consistently cute and/or hilarious.

some highlights:

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