Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Survey of the Day

I can never remember which is which:




both are popular seasonal fruits in Korea, one you eat the seed and the other you eat the flesh, and I've spotted and figured out which is which a dozen times, only to forget (like when I was seven and I couldn't figure out left from right until I figured out the "Left hand forefinger and thumb makes a capital "L" shape" rule of (haha) thumb. I didn't really get it nailed down until I started learning to drive.)

I also used to always mix up the words prostate and prostrate. The highlight of that confusion was the time in my Fantasy Literature 300 level class in university, when I said "The priest fell, prostate on the floor" and I got a good snicker from everyone, and even a snarky little comment from Dr. K.

what two words/things do YOU mix up, however many times you've tried to remember? Ever embarrassed yourself?

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melissa v. said...

I never forget or mix up anything. I'm perfect. Except for the farting. And the swearing. Ever fart in an ambulance when it was only you and someone you barely know for miles around on a hot summer day when the air conditioning was not working? Try crawling out of that one with dignity. haha.