Monday, 13 August 2007

Some pictures for you. To make you happy and stuff.

A common sight in Korea, the ginseng capital of the world, is pictures (or jarred specimens) of the ginseng root that resembles a human as closely (or shall we say anatomically) as possible. Sometimes they even have man and woman. Ginseng was originally thought to be healthy because it sometimes took humanoid forms -- so obviously it must be good for humans! Later, we discovered that it actually IS healthy! This was on the side of a subway car.

I've decided I like tea more than coffee. . . though it really ought to have honey in it instead of sugar. If I'm gonna be a tea-drinker, I may as well be a tea snob of some kind or another.

At you can find out what you'd look like if you were a character on the simpsons. Does it look like me ? What say you?

Sometimes chipmunks are cute.

But usually I think they're scary.

Oh yeah. One more thing.



Dad said...

We didn't know her name was "Intrigued"!

tamie said...

My my...she is beautiful!

anna(jinyoung) said...

who is that woman?