Friday, 24 August 2007

Holy overkill, Batman!

I just realized that was WAY too much ancient Chinese wisdom for a single blog post, so if you haven't already been overwhelmed by it and skipped to the end ("Man and wife"), go ahead and try again: I edited out a bunch, to make it a little more manageable.


Ever notice how twenty years ago was the best time to buy real-estate, but six months from now (when the next model comes out, twice as fast for the same size and price!) is the best time to buy technology?


This picture made me snicker with its unabashed brazen-ness. I guess when it comes to beer advertisements, subtlety is overrated. (Hite is a local beer brand. Lots of t'n'a in their advertisements. Maybe if I look at the poster while I drink, I won't notice that the beer's not actually very good.)

After the Tao Te Ching, I suppose I also needed to post something asinine, just to balance out the blog content.

If you don't actually know English, but you think English letters look cool, you can just mash a keyboard for a while and hope patrons of your bar don't know any English, either.

Maybe it's a different language: anybody recognize any words?


Anonymous said...

I recognized some words! I'm sure my kids have typed those words before too!

Roboseyo said...

through exhaustive research, I have discovered the exact shape a balled fist must make, left handed or right handed, to create some of these configurations.

I anticipate this being a new way deaf people, if they don't know how to type, can communicate -- by forming signs for words or letters and the banging keys, which might be easier than just learning how to type, or hunting for keys.

I'm waiting to hear a response to my grant application from UBC.