About Rob

Rob O Seyo, author of the blog Roboseyo, has lived in Seoul, South Korea since 2003, and blogged about life here since 2006. He writes about the ins and outs of Korean society, cultural change, blending and assimilation, expat life, community and isolation, and the interesting interactions between them and a staggeringly fast-changing Korean society... when he's not wandering wildly off topic and talking about koalas, weird internet phenomena, loud music, or zombies.

Now a husband and father, and committed long-term resident of Korea, Rob is deepening his understanding of Korea through graduate study (including language), while balancing blog, work, and family time.

Read more:
You can read Rob's writing in 10 Magazine, he has appeared on occasion in The Korea Herald, Newsweek Korea (in translation), Groove Magazine, Cafe Seoul Podcast, The Seoul Podcast and The Korea Podcast, while his voice can be heard from time to time on TBS Radio, EFM (101.3 in Seoul) and Arirang Radio.

The name:
Originally, Rob would answer the phone by saying "Roboseyo" instead of "Yoboseyo," the normal greeting.  Eventually this became his nickname. Yes. His friends actually do call him Roboseyo. And you may too, if you meet him.

Hey can you tell me (personal detail)/What's the name of your wife/workplace/kid/etc.?
Wifeoseyo and other important people in my life are not the writers of this blog. Nor is this blog an official representation of my workplace, wife, or grad school. I tell my stories in a way that keeps the story's theme and point intact... but because they involve people I care about a lot, or places in which I have a real stake, and many of them know where to find my blog, I'll protect their dignity and privacy, through pseudonyms, concealments, strategic massaging of details, and misdirections. This allows me to write about them in a way that is much more free, fun, and entertaining, than if I have to run everything by everyone before posting.