Monday, 18 April 2011

Question of the Day: Chicken Pot Pie in Seoul?

Hello, dear readers.

The question of the day, from my fearless, small-faced friend Cynthia, is this:

Where the hell does one find a really tasty chicken pot pie in Seoul?

(image source)

I had a nice meat pie at Tartine in Itaewon, and an OK one at that Aussie bar up the hill between Itaewon and Noksapyeon.  Any other suggestions?


Whitey said...

Shybana in Seorae Maeul (the French village, near Seocho Station, line 2, southern Seoul) has good chicken pot pie. Real good. Couldn't be better.

When I need a fix, I head down there. Good mac & cheese, too.

Ruby Edwards' TARTINE BAKERY Recipies said...

TARTINE Bakery & Cafe no longer serves Beef Pot Pies, I am sorry to say. It was difficult for us to serve a dinner dish and continue to serve our dessert pies at the same time. It was more a kitchen use issue.

Thank you for your kind words about our Beef Pie.

We will be making Chocolate Biscuit Cake for the Royal Wedding.


Chef Garrett
TARTINE Bakery & Cafe, Itaewon

3gyupsal said...

Where the hell does anyone find a tasty chicken pot pie any where? Yuck

(If you can find shortening somewhere you can make the pie pastry with some butter, or go all butter if you like, but I find that all butter crusts taste a bit too...well buttery.) Then just get some vegetables, chicken, chicken broth and make it your self.)

Stafford said...

Bob's Barbie E-Dae.

kushibo said...

Wow. I never thought to get a chicken pot pie in Seoul, but this summer, it will be on my short-term bucket list.