Saturday, 23 April 2011

For everyone who's EVER played Tetris...

Even better: somebody actually made the game.

(if the game doesn't embed properly in your browser, click on "somebody" to play.)

I should be studying for midterms.

(update: let's not forget the counterpoint, also an XKCD comic: Tetris Hell)

Also playable.


Daniel Daugherty said...

The image title takes this one over the top. For those too lazy to click through:

"If you've never had sex, this is what it feels like. Complete with the brief feeling of satisfaction, followed by ennui, followed by getting bored and trying to make it happen again."

I'm guessing this applies to a lot of the readership!

The Sanity Inspector said...

I liked another cartoon he did, about the fellow who want to major in "everything", because he was so interested in the whole world. After being offered some dull assignments, he admitted he really just wanted to read Malcolm Gladwell books and drink.

Chris in South Korea said...

Take Tetris, then put in free rotation. Also, you can't make lines. It's a 'survive as long as you can' game.