Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Still alive, but...

Re-watched Thunderball, the old James Bond movie.

Ate breakfast at a W Hotel.

Narrowly avoided sunstroke.

Saw 40 different kinds of fish.

Life is good in Roboseyoland, but once things settle down a bit more, I'll be back to blogging as usual.

So far, the leader in the "Girlfriendoseyo needs a new nickname" sweepstakes is Selorm (seconded by Kushibo) with "Chagiseyo" - but I'll have to check with the official "updated romanization" whether I'll be using "Jagiseyo" or "Chagiseyo" or something else suggested by someone else in the comments, that's even better.

And now... it's Chagiseyo's birthday, and I have to get some stuff ready.

Stay joyful, dear readers.

Here's my mood right now.
Those who came to the wedding know why.  Chagiseyo's learning the words now.  The three times she's funniest are when she's singing, and when she's half-drunk.

Wedding and honeymoon photos later, once the huge mass of them (two different cameras) get processed.

Until then... Joy wrote up a nice little post about my wedding, which you can read. Thanks, Joy. I'd also like to take this moment to publicly thank Chris in South Korea for the photos he privately sent me of the wedding. Chagiseyo loved them, and sends along her thanks, too.


Foreigner Joy said...

Your are Welcome!

Henrique said...

Haha Jagiseyo sounds good. But my Korean teacher said that "jagi" is more used between boy and girlfriend, and between husband and wife the preferred form is "yeobo" (여보). But because "Yeoboseyo" would sound like you got married to an answering machine, Jagiseyo is better.

Chris in South Korea said...

Hey buddy,
Good to hear life is good - you're welcome for the photos. Henrique beat me to 'yeobo'seyo - so how would you say 'best friend' + 'seyo'? There's got to be a way.

Selorm said...

Wahh! Your wife is a cancer too! Whoop whoop! I just imagine a half drunk person sinsging that song "drahaha dralala drahalalala lala drahgaga.." Remindsme of when Homer from SImpsons sings drunk.

Anyhow, nice to know things are going "swimmingly" - I went there..

Zip said...

Careful with the word "Chagiseyo".
Jaji or Chaji means penis. One could easily mess up with the pronounciation :)

Congratulations on your wedding!!!

The Seoul Searcher said...

Chagi means myself. And even non-married people say that. If she was Girlfriendoseyo before then why can't she be Wife-oseyo now? Keep it simple.

I don't have a secret code name for the GF, but once we are married I was considering calling her the Seoul Found. But I doubt anyone will get it.

ZenKimchi said...

How about Oyesobor?