Thursday, 12 March 2009

The UCC Music Video Thing

I'd be interested to know which song started this whole fan music video imitating choreography thing... but it's sure fun.

You might know the Beyonce song "Single Ladies" which is everywhere right now, and the video's getting about a bajillion hits. Well the song, and the dance, is so catchy, that a bajillion MORE people are making their own versions of the song.

Here's the original.

Here's the fan version I like the best so far.

And let's not forget Justin Timberlake going wild on SNL.

This is not the first fan ucc video craze: just here in Korea, there was the "tell me" dance -- one of the genius moves of the WonderGirls' producer, the spectacularly not-handsome JYP (seen here with his face in a backup dancer's crotch) is coming up with dances that are cool and distinctive, but also easy enough for people to try to learn.

Here's the Wondergirls' Tell Me, for any of you who have forgotten.

And there were a zillion imitations of this one, too, among them...this one.

Which leads to horrific train wrecks like these.

Girls' Generation had to get in on the action, and I like the self-awareness of this video's intro, where they start out as indistinguishable mannequins before they come to life as indistinguishable mannequins that can dance. The song's catchy, with a driving beat, and another cute but not-too-hard dance that people can learn in their jazz-dance class at the health club -- kind of the choreographer's equivalent of the way many modern church praise songs are written to be played with simple chords, so that near-novice guitarists can still play them competently (see also: the vocal difficulty of every Korean Trot song ever written).

And then there were UCC versions like this: not that skilled, but must have taken those boys a lot of work and time.

or the rock version, the (actually pretty good) traditional instruments arrangement or the most common: the either inept, or mechanical living room webcam.

I wonder about the origins of this fancam music video thing, and where it all started...

I've been wrong before, but I think it might have started (or at least become cool outside Korea) with Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, which still pops up from time to time, in increasingly clever/random ways.

There was the just plain weird Bollywood thriller.

Prison Thriller

A couple of wedding thrillers.

And my personal favorite: the Tube Thriller.

Imagine being on this car.

And wait for it... how about this one. So nerdy it flips back and becomes epically cool. Imagine having the story of winning a Star Wars Dance-off by doing The Thriller as Darth Vader in your pocket: nobody'd know whether to give you a wedgie or buy you a beer.

Anyway, post your favorite Girls Generation, Wondergirls, or Thriller fan version in the comments. See if you can top Darth Vader.

Have a good day, my lovely readers.


Brian said...

I'm sure you're aware Justin Timberlake cameod in a version of the video as part of an SNL skit. I don't know if that beget whatever UCC trend there is, or the other way around.

Justin Timberlake is good. And we were born on the same day, same year.

Roboseyo said...

it's true, but NBC doesn't like to share their content, so philipino gradeschool kids is what you get.

Your birthday buddy, huh? That's cool. I don't have any famous same day same year people, but Annette Funnicello and Jonathan Lipnicki share my b-day.

Roboseyo said...

hold on... found it.

Otto Silver said...

What do I have to do to get a girl like that, dressed like that, stand over me like that? Do I have to become a begilionare, in Korean Won, and sing in Korea to get that privilege.

wakalan said...

Maybe you haven't seen this yet...


Roboseyo said...

Yeah, I saw it.

Beyonce wins.

Wayne0714 said...

I prefer Timberlake's nuanced and multi-layered performance in the "Dick in a Box" video. It's gold.