Saturday, 28 March 2009

Roboseyo's K-blog of the Month for March 2009: On My Way to Korea

So there's a dude called Matt Strum, who is
just one American white-guy who loves everything about Korea. . . I’ve never been to Korea, but that just makes me try to learn and understand harder (as Koreans would day, with a heart of passion - 열심).

And he runs this blog called "On My Way To Korea" -- see, he plans to come to Korea, and from here, it seems like he plans to be the most knowledgeable first-year ever to arrive in Korea.

He runs an interesting little blog, where he tries to post every day. The posts are usually short, which makes it easy to peek over and see whats up (unlike certain blogs I love, but don't dare visit unless I have ten minutes free) and Matt's Korean Culture reading list is pretty eclectic: he'll run anything from tips on doing business in Korea, to language mini-lessons or vocab, to whatever movie or music video floated across his radar: it gives the blog a fun "whatever he can get his hands on" feel wherein the song that filled up the Korean radiowaves back in 2002 might show up next to the latest song by Girls' Generation, and sandwiched between a Korean language vocabulary list, an article about negotiating with Koreans, and a brief report on an urban legend making its way through the Korean memeosphere.

Of particular interest is the "Mastering Business in Korea" series, and the studying Korean wiki that he's hosting: you can go sign up yourself, and start posting articles about studying the language.

At this point, Matt's still just using his blog to study and get to know Korea before he arrives; I hope he keeps working on his site, and look forward to seeing what happens to the blog once he arrives.

Go check him out!


tellos said...

Nice one, it's in my rss list :D

Matt Strum said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! And happy black day!

Roboseyo said...

back at ya, man.