Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Golden Klogs are Open for Voting!

Go see the post about the Golden Klog Awards, a survey to look back on the best Korea blogs of 2008, written up at The Hub Of Sparkle.

Roboseyo got nominated in a few categories...if you're a die-hard, you can vote for me, I suppose, and I might win a .jpg of some yellow kimchi (woo hoo), but I'm excited about the huge variety of blogs that got nominated: you can find all kinds of good stuff on there that's worth reading, best of all, a lot of them being blogs that aren't yet very well known, but deserve a larger audience.

Anyway, the full write-up is over here, including links to the survey.

Go forth and vote!

Have a good one.


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Korean Rum Diary said...

Thanks for letting me know about the Klog thing... I had no idea people read my blogs...