Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I seem to have lost all my readers.

Not a single comment on my Buddha's Birthday extravaganza!

Very well. Here goes:

This is a game I play with Sally. She says "Guess what?"

and I answer with totally silly suggestions until she gets bored of my randomness and just tells me what's on her mind.

(We stole this game idea from my dear friend Tiff, who just got married, and also, is awesome.)

Here are some examples:

"Hey Rob! Guess what?"

"Your elbows are growing teeth."
"You learned how to pick things up with your toes."
"Gravity will stop working from 2-4pm on Wednesday for maintenance."
"From now on, all you need is luck instead of love, and the Beatles song will be changed accordingly."

And so forth.

So, all my wonderful readers:

Guess what?

(keen points for making me laugh)

(I watched game 5 of the Stanley Cup hockey final today on tape delay, after avoiding computers all day long so I wouldn't be tempted to check the score. I explained to my Korean students how, once a Canadian's hometeam is eliminated, Canadians will always root for any Canadian team still playing for the Stanley Cup. After that epic meltdown in game five (an own goal in an elimination game? Come ON, Canada! That's humiliating! As humiliating as visiting your wife's aerobics class for a session and collapsing! [backstory to that comment]) I get to explain the phrases "meltdown" "go down in flames" "choke" and "crash and burn" as well as "mental toughness" "resilience" and "clutch" (in the negative) to my students today. At least the MVP (and all the stars) on the winning team was Canadian.)


Sarah Wiens said...

You found your long lost twin who is a pro athlete from Moldova who also has a world famous great record for holding as many object in his hair as possible at one time. (current record is 10 birds, 24 combs, 3 clocks, 5 cell phones, 4 assorted mugs, 2 water bottles, 7000 paper clips, and 1 lizard all at once.)

Deb said...

You sneezed and turned completely inside out?

The UN just decleared that the next leap year day, the entire world will be required to actually LEAP for the entire day?

You just found out that you have an illegitimate child who's 3 years older than you are and now you have to pay child support?

Dad said...

Not lost, just awestruck. How can we add to your happiness?

Wish I was there!
Love, Dad

bradj said...


melissa and brent said...

knock knock jokes have been banned?

elizabeth said...

would not worry too much Rob! i post fairly often and it is rare that i get a comment, or more than one ... take care :)

Caryn & Dan said...

Rob, I would like to comment that you are a nice person. You also have nice curly hair.

elizabeth said...

may i add that i am relieved that Canada (from what i understand) is done w. the S. Cup now. since i live in downtown ottawa (where the team that was defeated is from (i know u know that Rob, just incase someone else reads my comment...) and i am just glad to be done wtih the huge fever of it all - all the people being loud, horns honking, flags ...

i guess i am a typical librarian :) (well if u can call me typical that is) that wants things quiet and in order! :)

how are things for you going? are you still liking your new job?

melissa and brent said...

You know, you also lose all your readers when you NEVER UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Loewen said...

I'm not funny, so I won't try to answer your question, but I wanted you know know I read this! I try to visit here and play catch up because I like your writing. You are alive and happy, and I remember when I was more like that. Now I'm crusty and traditional. What happens to us? And by the way, I had no idea your dad was getting married! Congratulations to him!

Roboseyo said...

Melissa wins. Knock knock jokes have been banned.