Thursday, 1 February 2007

Some photos.

I like to draw pictures on the board during attendance time in my homeroom class. It entertains the kids. Here are some examples.

Seals are cute. I can also draw rabbits and elephants and rabbiphants (Rabbiphants are very rare: most elephants are protestant, um, I mean, protephant).

Sam is absolutely incapable of staying in his chair. One day I joked that I need to stick him in his chair with a hammer and nails, and made this illustration.

Then I explained that I could't really do that, because of course, Sam would grow up, and then he wouldn't fit into the small chair, and modified the picture to look like this, to show everybody why I could't nail Sam to his chair. (Though I've been tempted to get out my stapler a few times.)

I'm actually proud of this one. I think it actually looks like a polar bear.

This is one of my favourites.

Sometimes air in Seoul is dirty. Those apartments you can barely see are about two kilometers away. No more than that.

Cute Konglish in a soaps shop.

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Evangela's Blog said...

Hey! You're a really good artist! Nice to see how well your doing, Rob.