Saturday, 13 January 2007

If you like martial arts stuff. . .

As you may have noticed, I learned how to put movie clips onto my blog. This pleases me.

Here's a guy called Tony Jaa, a new action star from Thailand. His fighting style is Muay Thai, which might be the deadliest martial art -- many world class ultimate fighters, pride fighters, and K1 fighters are trained in Muay Thai because it's sickeningly effective. He's awesome -- in his films, he does all his own stunts, and his skills are just silly. Here he is at a demonstration in a theatre.

And if you think the whole martial arts thing is silly, then check this one out instead. It made me and my roommate howl.

At its best, and at its worst, I suppose.

Today my student invited me to his house, so I went and had a nice chat with his father and mother, while Willy played lego and built things out of jenga blocks. I used to teach his older brother, Peter, back in 2003, and he was the one whom I once made to laugh so hard he sprayed mango juice all over his notebook. It was quite nice. We talked about how great Korea is (of course) and what an interesting experience it has been, living here.

Take care!

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