Friday, 11 March 2011

North Korean Kids Playing Instruments

I'm not sure the exact purpose for making and circulating these kinds of videos... but they're quite something to see.

Facebook pal David put this up on his page...

which reminded me of these videos of North Korean kids kicking ass on other instruments.

This kid's a Xylophone prodigy... look at her go...

And this one's of two kids rocking their drumsets... I love the little girl's posture.

This one never went viral like the xylophone playing girl and the drumming kids, but it's impressive as well.

Take THAT, Sungha Jung!

Make of it what you will. there are more videos like this at Rodrigorojo1's youtube account... but be careful, lest you be North Korean Propagandized.  The channel's mostly clips from North Korea's TV station.

by the way...
When North Korea showed video of the four defectors' families, probably in an attempt to blackmail the four people who blew into South Korean waters in a boat, and decided not to return to North Korea... (ABC news link) (which seriously does suck, because North Korea has been known to punish treason to the third generation - that is, if I spray-paint "Kim Jong-il licks donkey balls" on a wall, me, my family, my parents, and my kids will go to a death "reeducation" camp.

Did anybody else think of this:

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