Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Reader Query: Bike Shop Street in Seoul?

OK, readers, you know how there's some neighborhood or another, somewhere in Seoul, with a street full, almost exclusively, of shops selling one particular thing?  Near jongno 3-ga there's medallion and trophy alley, along the cheonggyecheon by Jongno 5 there's mechanical implement block, and then there's office furniture lane, right next to printing press street.  The bottom of Dobong Mountain, as well as near the fountain in Namdaemun, are hiking goods *mecca*s.  A former coworker swears up and down that she once stumbled across prosthetic limb street, but couldn't remember how to find it back.

Well, readers, I know where scooter and motorbike street is: it's near Chungmuro, mixed in with pet shop street; however, I don't know, and I really want to know, where bicycle lane is.  See, I'm looking into buying a  (non-motorized) bicycle, and I'd like to buy a folding one that fits in the trunk (boot) of the car; however, I don't think I could buy a bike sight unseen, over the internet: like pants, and sofas, they need to pass the bum test, where I try before I buy.

So, if anybody knows where "bike street" is, please let me know in the comments.  A google map would be nice, but not mandatory.


The Seoul Searcher said...

I don't know of any bike shop street, but in the Migliore of 이대 there is a bike shop with everything from mountain bikes, to dayriders. Not sure about the price range though.

Paul Ajosshi said...

I don't know where bike street is, but I can tell you where I got mine. Inbetween Samgakji station and Shin Yongsan station there are a couple of bike shops on the main road (on the right hand side when heading down from samgakji). They are small, greasy, but quite friendly and I seem to remember being able to have a little test ride of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Prosthetic limb street is near Seoul Station I do believe, heading towards Yongsan/Samgakji Stn.

Also, for a folding bike: Bikelo has opened up on the South side of Banpo Bridge on the Eastern side of the street (the overpass wall is in front of the shop as the over pass heads down to channel cars onto the top of the bridge). Just around the corner from Express Bus terminal. Bright, airy and very new. Nice shop...

chiam said...

mangwon-dong has a bunch of bike shops. I hear there is a really nice minivelo shop there.

Unknown said...

I don't think there is a bike street. They are a dime a dozen. But the real trick is to find a good one.

I have a list of bike companies and shops. Though they are in Korean they websites will give a good start to anyone who is interested in any type of bike and equipment.
I constantly update it with any bike shop I encounter or deal with.

Another possibility is searching SeoulCraiglist. There are always bikes for sale.