Friday, 13 August 2010

Wanna be a KPop Star?

Now that I'm officially out of the KPop closet, I was looking up articles to put together a topic for my discussion class, and came across this:

what it takes to become a KPop star.

Interesting.  Extra Korea regularly comments on the conditions KPop stars work under (hint: pretty outrageous).

And in other news, I've got to report on KPop songs I like quick, for one of two reasons: either the song doesn't hit, and it vanishes from the public consciousness so quickly that my video clip seems irrelevant, or it DOES hit, and it becomes so ubiquitous that I get sick of it.

So here's the latest song that's been buzzing through my head.
And maybe if it gets stuck in your head, dear reader, it won't be stuck in mine for another week.

ever notice how so many of JYP's bands have English words at the most catchy points of the melody? Exactly those points that are supposed to catch in your head?

It makes me particularly susceptible to infection.


This Is Me Posting said...

KPop is pretty awful but it is what it is and every once in a while, by laws of statistics alone, there's a catchy song that's actually half decent.

That being said... that song by Miss A is particularly AWFUL. I mean, it's all sorts of bad, man. Ugh.


What I find more interesting in KPop is the international covers vs. originals that have been popping up, particularly with Girls Generation (SNSD).

(I have to hang my head in shame as I say that) I kinda dig both versions of Run Devil Run:

Ke$ha (Original):

GG (Cover):

But I particularly like Nathalie Makoma cover of GG's Tell Me Your Wish (Genie):

GG (Original):

Makoma (Cover):

This Is Me Posting said...

As an aside, I always thought it would be humorously ironic if the Makoma cover had random Korean in it, i.e. the inverse of putting random English into Korean songs.

If you listen to the Makoma cover, every time she sings "I just want to dance," the backing vocal is "Can't stop now." Replace "Can't stop now" with "Sa-rang-hae" and it still works beautifully.

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Hey Roboseyo sunbaenim (lol, I blog too but you started before me ;)

I've recently discovered your blog and I love it! I'm a huge, huge K-Pop fan and I like Miss A too so it's all good :P

Holymadagascar+1 said...

kpop is getting huge and I can't wait til it's global mainstream.