Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Happy Times...

I'm tired every day when I get home from work... but there's a lot of awesome in my life right now.

Here's a song to commemorate my happy.  "The Heart of Life (is good)" by John Mayer, whose soft rock belies a seriously skilled guitarist.

and here are a few pictures from my wedding and honeymoon:


My Step-Mom is a class act.  We got her some hanbok made, and she looked fantastic with Wifeoseyo's ma.

This bouquet was part of wifeoseyo's birthday celebration.  It isn't easy to get flowers in the maldives, but it was worth every penny, dear readers.  They were gorgeous, and perfect for the situation.

Here is a happy Seyo.

Wifeoseyo can make a coral blue sea and a champagne glass into a nifty photo.

She's also a hot silhouette.

We chose the right night to go on the sunset cruise: the other sunsets that week were mostly grey and disappointing, but we got gorgeous skies all the way from blue to gold to pink to purple to moonlight.


Oh yeah.  Also my niece.

And my other niece.  This is one of the pictures I like most, of all the pictures I've taken.



dokebi said...

they were nice pics

too bad i finished reading your blog too quickly to listen to all of that song

Hannah said...

I love that song!
And I love this post/these pics. Glad to see you can find the happy moments of each day!

chiam said...

I'm totally tired after work each day, as well. 8am - 9pm kinda sucks. But I walk home after work m-t and it feels good.

Those pics are wonderful. Thanks for posting. Are those once a month Saturday meetups no more?

Anonymous said...

Pure and utter awesomeness.