Thursday, 10 June 2010

Concert Fundraiser... Mark your Calendar: June 26

Got a letter from a buddy of mine, who planted trees with me on Arbor Day (April 1) - a great experience I was too busy/lazy to post, but which was sweet: we went to Kookmin University, and planted trees on a path they'd closed, in order to reclaim it as forest.

Well, he's now planning a fundraiser concert for an orphanage in Suwon, and a North Korean refugee center in Ansan.  Worthy, worthy, worthy causes, both.

The event, called "ROK Concert-Fundraiser: Bands Battle with Molotov Vibrations" is a battle of the bands at Club FF in Hongdae, on June 26 - mark it in your calendars!  The Facebook page is here, and I really think you should go.

My buddy Abhi told me about it, and he's a seriously stand-up guy.  If you live in, or near Suwon, you want to be on his mailing or phone list, because he cares about helping people, and he knows places and ways that YOU can help people, too.

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