Wednesday, 9 December 2009

2S2 on Saturday December 12: Dress Warmly

Dress warmly on Saturday, dear readers. 2S2 is meeting, as usual, at 2pm, on the Second Saturday of the month, in the usual place: at the Twosome Place to the right of exit 1, Anguk Station.

From there, we're going to head down to Gwanghwamun Plaza, where there's this wild, crazy, awesome Snowboarding competition and festival all weekend, and we'll take part in the festivities. Come join us! But dress warmly. It's December, and the festival's outdoors.

So what is 2S2? Well, now it has a blog and a facebook group... nothing exists anymore unless it has a blog and a facebook group, does it?

You can read more about what it is, and what we're trying to accomplish, here, or here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

2S2 is a great idea... keep it alive!

I'm still too busy, but I WILL be there next year.

Oh, will there be one in February? The second Saturday is Lunar New Year...

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone...

See you in 2010... sometime.