Saturday, 21 March 2009

Story and Survey

OK, readers. First of all, a video of those odd live models I saw in Coex the other day.

Next, the most epically goofy moment of the andong trip:

that's my buddy Evan. And keep yourselves in check, ladies: he's single.

Next, a little videos of some old Korean ladies doing Korean culture.

Sometiems I like doing Korean culture, too. A few times, Girlfriendoseyo and I even did Korean culture together. But after a while my knees hurt from sitting on the floor.

Next, a story:

I was bopping around my neighbourhood, eyes agape in wonder at the Springiness of new Spring...I lost a bet with Girlfriendoseyo; I thought winter had one more snowfall in it before it got warm; looks like I owe her some cooking. But I was standing in the front lobby of my hotel building, waiting for an elevator, and obstructing the path of one of those creaky old ladies who collects trash in a cart. She didn't know how to tell me to get out of her way, so she said, in this whimsical voice, "Baang baaaang!" essentially honking the horn at me.

It was fantastic.

The next day, I was walking around a university near my neighbourhood and saw some more people doing Korean culture, this time with drums. I like Korean culture with drums, so I sat and watched them play. It was great. I love seeing people Korean cultureing.
Unfortunately, crappy cameraphone the second was all I had to commemorate the mosh pit of drum-holders in plain old regular everyday cloths, bobbing and rockstepping to Korean culture. Anyway, it was great.

Finally, ol' Roboseyo has been working hard at teaching, as well as studying Korean, being insanely happy with Girlfriendoseyo, maintaining Roboseyo, updating The Hub of Sparkle (and defending both from trolls and jerk-faces, while trying to figure out which wankers are trolls and which wankers are just regular wankers,) cooking up ideas for my next Korea Herald article, reading and writing for my own edification, thinking up silly stuff to say and crack up my coworkers, and trying to have more than one friend, too.

It's been a while since Roboseyo has dropped one of those really nifty Roboseyo type posts...

so I'm turning the wheel over to you, dear readers, to choose the next topic on which I hold forth at length, at my colourful Roboseyo best:

go up to the top of the page, and you can vote on which of these topics you would like to hear Roboseyo write about:

Some of these are recycled topics from previous vote-ins, and some of them are new:
Great Korean Movies you should track down and see
Create a country that combines the best of Canada and Korea
The movie I hate the most
What I REALLY think about Dokdo
Why I suck up to Korea so much on your blog?
Why I got involved with The Hub of Sparkle, and what I you hope to accomplish there

and if you have another really cool topic which I didn't think of, put it in the comments, and I'll put it in my (tobacco) pipe and smoke it, and see if a post comes of it, too.

Go to the survey on the side, and vote!


Paul Ajosshi said...

I'd be interested to see one of the movie options, you could even have a go at not just the best Korean movies to track down, but also the worst. There are some real corkers out there like 울랄라 시스터즈, A.F.R.I.K.A. and 쇼쇼쇼.

Roboseyo said...

but then I'd have to watch them, Paul. And that's an ordeal I'm not willing to put myself through, even for you.

Paul Ajosshi said...

Why should I be the only one to suffer through them? I need somebody to share my pain.... Damn it, I'll just have to go and watch a 박찬욱 film to wash the taste of cinematic failure from my mouth.

Roboseyo said...

oh, I've suffered through some duds too, in my day. world's most predictable whodunit, world's most pointless family drama, world's most amoral sex drama... but I prefer not to scrape to the true bottom of the barrel, nor revisit the times I've been there.

Anonymous said...

I lost a bet with Girlfriendoseyo; I thought winter had one more snowfall in it before it got warm; looks like I owe her some cooking.

Not sure what things were like in Seoul, but it snowed up here in Uijeongbu today.

Out of curiosity... how does one "do Korean culture"? ;)

Roboseyo said...

Yep. It snowed here, too.

How does one "do Korean culture"?

There are many ways, of course, Samedi, involving chopsticks games based on Rock, Scissor, Paper, traditional foods and preparations, throwing sticks...

one of the most important things, though, is to get photographed by a Korean newspaper photographer while doing Korean culture. That is an essential step, or else you may as well be eating bigmacs.