Friday, 23 January 2009

Doucheburns Goes Downtown

For more of your Doucheburns amusement, before I cut them off for my trip to Vietnam this seollal...

Here's the transition from "grizzly travel beard" to "doucheburns," for your edification.

and here's a short slideshow of doucheburns touching some of the bases in downtown Seoul.
Forgot to get a picture of Doucheburns in the Vietnamese embassy. My bad. I had lunch with Fatmanseoul, and hopefully those pictures will pop up soon: when they do, I'll post them here as well.


Happy new year, and see you again soon.

Coming next week: the big, big Korea Blog Golden Klog awards survey: vote for your favorites.

Nominations are still open at The Hub Of Sparkle, but move fast: the window's closing, and this survey's already looking to be a whopper.

Bye for now.



Foreigner Joy said...

I liked Grizzly Rob better...but oh well.

Michael said...

"I am starting to look stupid."