Friday, 10 October 2008

Roboseyo's K-Blog Of The Month: Kimchi IceCream

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Yeah, I know you were all expecting me to tap The Hub of Sparkle for this month's blog of the month. . . and I probably would have, 'cept for this.

Kimchi Icecream just popped onto my radar with a drop-dead hilarious account of everything that could possibly go wrong at a Korean hospital's allegedly International Clinic. The post title gives a hint at what happens in the story: The Nurse Who Could Speak English (emphasis mine), but oh, dear readers, the dearth of English speaking nurses at the International clinic is just the beginning of the story, and his account of the "Oh shit! A foreigner! I'm terrified of using English!" face (a face I have seen all too many times myself), among other things, is hilarious, too.

I don't know how to speak English!

It's a blog by a cat named "Jason," who according to the bio, has lived in Korea since 2005. His writing shows that he HAS paid his dues, but he doesn't get into the kinds of prescriptive or sweepingly generalized bullwinkle certain other K-bloggers do (cough cough). He peppers his posts with photos of characters from The Muppets, the Simpsons, and such, as a funnier way of adding emphasis than exclamation points and smileys. :)


He also uses humor to approach certain topics that other expats would use as an excuse to gripe (see his post on "the foreigner/chopsticks conversation" here).

He also likes putting up a. lot. of. pictures., of various places around Korea, which is fun, and from time to time (for example, check out the Jogye Temple series on this post) he reels off a little stretch of really lovely photography. And let's be honest: a blogger who throws a whole ton of photos at y'all is a lot more fun than a blogger who throws reams and reams of uninterrupted text out there.

Good job, Jason. Hope so see more of you around the K-blogs.


(hold everything!  
Update: Brian just reminded me that this was the same Jason who left a very kind and encouraging comment on Otto (of I, Foreigner)'s discouraged English teacher post.  

OK.  Let the inaguration continue.)

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Brian said...

I'm gonna add him to my blog roll tomorrow. i haven't read his hospital story yet, but I'm adding him b/c of his photos of Gangwon-do and because of his comment on Otto's post (you ought to mention that in your award ceremony).