Friday, 3 October 2008

Ring a bell? Good lord I hate money stress

So what happens next?

this one's hat tip to schwim,
Duck Tales explains the financial crisis:

The won is dropping like a bag of unwanted kittens in a river.  I'm not sure whether I should send everything to Canada now, before it drops now, or send the minimum possible and hold onto my won until things get better.  Yup.  Things are bad enough that I'm actually THINKING about stuff like this.  In 2004 or so, 870 won bought a Canadian dollar.  Now, it takes a bit over 1100.  If I send a thousand dollars home, I'm losing about $300. 



Chris said...

ha. I'm English, we are practically working for free at this point.

Anonymous said...

This is making China and Taiwan more and more attractive. I wonder why their currencies are holding steady while the won is in a freefall.

John, no longer in Daejeon