Friday, 13 June 2008

Like Spiderman teaming up with Wolverine. . .

Until my laptop is either repaired or replaced, I'll be putting up only very short posts. Sorry.

First: John from Daejeon and I have been having an interesting discussion in my review of the movie "Taken" -- scroll down. I love when readers comment.

Second: buying a new watch is annoying -- my old watch is taking five minute breaks, and the case is starting to rust out. I want a style that goes OK with shorts OR with a tie, because I wear a watch every day, and watches are friggin expensive these days, so I'm not gonna shell out unless I find one I can be excited about wearing every day. I'm pretty particular about everyday accessories. Picky is another word, or a bit of a prima donna.

Finally, best of all: Two of my favourite K-bloggers have a collaboration post up at The Joshing Gnome. Gord Sellar asks The Joshing Gnome a question in the Joshing Gnome's new "Ask Joshing Gnome" series.

The question is:
What do you think it is in Korean culture that makes people say things that are manifestly being demonstrated not to be true? (Like saying your brother-in-law can’t eat fish, while he is eating fish?) This puzzles me to no end.
And Joe Mondello answers with style: enough style that he deserves his own post at some time, rather than stuffing a blog review in as a footnote on this dumb post.


Anonymous said...

Glad to help with the commenting.

I would watch "Captain Blood" first and then "The Adventures of Robin Hood" based on their production years--1935 and 1938. They are both top notch productions.

Maybe next week we can delve into the "The Hulk" or "The Happening."

Have a good weekend.

John from Daejeon

melissa said...

I vote you let girlfriendoseyo buy you a watch. The women always know best.

Roboseyo said...

I don't know. I heard Hulk and The Happening were both weak on swordplay. Thanks for the tips. Will look up. Good weekend for you, too. I might have to spend my weekend wrestling my way past more mad beef protesters. It's like living in Paris over here.

Plus, I'll have to write about them at least a month from now, or they'd wouldn't fit into the category of "untimely movie reviews"

Mel: hmm. but I'm really particular about watches. not any rolex will do, you know?