Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Let's not get TOO down on Korea.

Before we get too down on Korea's media for this mad beef mess. . .

Yeah, PD Diary's staring down the barrel of a legal investigation for its arguably slanderous reporting on American Beef. . .

but they got nothing on this guy.

Journalist in Macedonia charged with committing murders he wrote about

from the International Herald Tribune

"A Macedonian journalist has been charged with murdering two elderly women — crimes he wrote about for his newspaper — and police said Sunday they were investigating his possible involvement in a third death.
. . .Police began to suspect Taneski, 56, after reading his articles about the crimes in the national daily Utrinski Vesnik and noticing details that had not been released to the public"

This is where I'd put some flip comment or wisecrack, but what an awful story! I don't think I can bring myself to make light of it.

Now go watch some silly commercials (next post) to cheer yourself up.

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Aaron said...

I would hope that the Korean media would set its ethical standards a tad higher than that.