Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sweet! Where are the protestors?

Never one to harp on a topic (yeah, right). . .

here's an awesome online game where you can help the Olympic torch on its way through Hong Kong. I wish they had higher levels that included obstacles like protesters, paratroopers, changes of course and buckets of water -- level 2: San Francisco. Level 3: London. Level 4: Paris!

Does playing the game count as complicity? Or should you click on the link but not play the game, to cause maximum embarrassment, like Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai, or do something else embarrassing, like conceal a Tibetan flag in your sleeve, a la Majora Carter? I think they should have buttons you can push to do such things in this game. They should also have cheap plastic toys and cheaply made clothes you can collect as you run down the street, I suppose.

Anyway, here's your chance! Do with it what you like! Just be careful, because if you don't play nice, you might run into roadblocks next time you want to outsource labour over there.

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