Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Survey of the Day

The classic dilemma:

Do you chew the chocolate, because chocolate has such a nice feeling when you chew it between your teeth. . .


Do you suck on it, to draw out the yumtastic experience of eating chocolate a bit longer, but miss the fun texture of biting into the chocolatey goodness?

Really, for now (though a year down the road, it's debatable), this affects my life more than clinton/obama. . . and everybody can vote on this one, not just Americans.

What say you?


Sarah said...

It depends. If I'm feeling nervous I'll bite...if I'm relaxed I'll sit and enjoy for a while. Also, some cholocate bars lend themselves to biting more than anything else (like a Score or a Mister Big) but the pure chocolate chocolates are meant to be had slowly (Lindt for one). So I guess quality would matter then (I find a Lindt to be more inviting for a slow visit than a Cadbury chocolate or one of those other cheap milk chocolates that is more powder than anything.)

Your Friend Sarah from Canada (I'm sure one of many Sarah's that you know)

melissa said...

HA! I spoil my ballot by voting for both. Suck it for the first few minutes to savour, and then chew the rest. THAT is what I do, all the time, every time, unless I'm having a conversation because then speed is imperative.
And my fave is Lindt 70% cocoa, dark chocolate. The rest is wasting my time. And alotted calories.

tamie said...

I chew. Except if it's fudge. Fudge is hard to chew. I agree with Mel. Dark chocolate is what matters.