Thursday, 1 March 2007

Tomorrow I start my new job.

I'll go to a new place called Jonggak, which is right in the beating heart of downtown Seoul. This is exciting to me. I'm within walking distance from Seoul's most important cultural landmarks: the national theatre, the palaces, the President's house (called the blue house), the park where the protests against Japanese occupation began, and the stream that symbolizes Seoul's effort to make beauty an important part of city life. I'll teach adults now, and I'm looking forward to that. I have my books and my schedule, I got my new passport (my old one was expiring) and now its time to move my things.

Also: I fleshed out the "holy cow my student almost died" post. You can find out how, and why he didn't.

More later!



mamachurchmouse said...

Hooray for new things! For change! For living in urban centre's where there is beauty! And for having time to write. All the best on your application process(es).

By the way, I'm due Monday. You could be getting a short but very momentous e-mail any day. (drumroll please)

tamie marie said...

dear rob, it has been 21 days since you posted. please rectify this situation.

Deb said...

I guess it's true that tomorrow never comes, seeing as you've been starting your new job tomorrow for a long time and we still haven't heard anything about it. I hope it's going well, and I love you, my brother!

Roboseyo said...

Yeah I deserved that. Thanks deb and tamie.

Anonymous said...

You were really looking forward to now and our class. Sounds good :) It's too late but 'WELCOME TO JONGRO~!' Good choice ^^

Anonymous said...

Please let me know 'the park where the protests against Japanese occupation begane'. Do you know what's the name of it? I'm wondering..